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LateralUs, LLC

Innovating Talent and Human Capital

LateralUs, LLC was created to innovate the nature of how we work, how we hire, and how we scale, beginning with transitioning veterans. Building value begins with defining the values we want to build. Let us help you maximize your workforce from the start.


Why Us?

Solving challenging problems is what we do. By leveraging relationships, our ability to pivot and address issues rapidly is what gives us and our partners a competitive edge over the competition. 

Our expertise in handling rapid response in several arenas has given us insight into how to build proactive strategies that reduce cost and impact on the ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition and workforce management. 


LateralUs, LLC Services

Strategic Alignment


Veteran Employment Initiatives

Leverage is a Force Multiplier

Scaling as Needed

Crowdsourced Effort

Cooperative Solutions

Exponential Value through Collaborations


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